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Topcoat or anodised replacement with Saphiral® possible

Surfaces of aluminum components are often subjected to the electrochemical process of anodizing. This is done, among other things, to protect them better against corrosion, mechanical influences or to achieve a combination with coloring.

However, many alloys often show an uneven appearance (discoloration) after anodizing, which is not desired. Optical anodizing is also not feasible, for example, with the low-cost die casting process, which means that certain combinations of aluminium components are excluded from the outset. This is why many industries are looking for optically high-quality alternatives. This alternative should be applicable to as many alloys and manufacturing processes as possible (such as continuous casting, die casting, forged parts, etc.) without any optical difference being detected.

With its Saphiral® coating system, EPG AG has a solution for almost all applications. For the aviation industry, for example, EPG AG has developed a colored sol-gel coating that reliably provides a uniform surface appearance and is also resistant to scratches and chemical influences. The color of the coating can also be adapted to customer requirements.

Saphiral® - excellent surface protection for aluminum

Large color baths are only used to a limited extent in the anodising process, because the maintenance of these baths costs money and space, which is why no anodising company is happy to provide several colors. With Saphiral®, color and smaller batch sizes are no problem. Once a new color has been adapted to the customer's requirements and all the quality assurance processes have been completed, the color can be re-manufactured at any time, even for small batches.

Higher resistance to cleaning agents or care products are additional advantages that this system offers to the user. This is because the glass-like layer not only prevents the penetration of chemicals and the resulting corrosion, but also shows an extraordinarily high resistance to strong acids and alkalis. The coatings show no signs of dissolution or discoloration on contact with concentrated acids and alkalis. They are also extremely weather-resistant, so that outdoor applications are also possible.

The colored Saphiral® coating adheres well to an anodised surface, but also to the untreated material. With a complete sol-gel coating of the component, it is therefore also possible to dispense with the anodising process and save one work step.

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