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Color matching

Trendy colors

Colors play a major role in the coatings industry today. Customers want to stand out from other competitors' products with new colors, offer innovations and thus gain a competitive advantage. The coatings should not only look good, but also offer other functional properties such as easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint or chemical resistance.

With EPG AG's sol-gel coating technology, it is possible not only to meet customers' color requirements individually, but also to offer the combination with other properties. In the automotive sector, for example, good corrosion protection is particularly sought after, as is high temperature resistance or robustness against external influences such as scratches or aggressive substances.

EPG AG's coating solutions can combine these properties and thus significantly increase the benefit of the component. The product shows fewer signs of wear, is harder and definitely more durable than without a coating.

In addition, different gloss levels can be set: from matte to high-gloss, everything is possible. Since the colors are applied in very thin layers, the special structures of the underlying metal are preserved, e.g. if the metal has a brushed or relief-like texture. Colors and metal structure together can therefore produce an aesthetically very appealing look.

Matching different components in terms of color

For the household and sanitary sector, EPG AG offers new trendy colors not only on various metals (aluminum, stainless steel, Zamac), but also on plastics. This means that even complex groups of components made up of different materials can be coated in a uniform color pattern.


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