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Chrome Replacement

Since 2017, the use of chromium VI has only been authorized with a special permit and is therefore an obsolete model. Chromium III is also currently the focus of research and it is only a matter of time before it will be regulated. For many applications, especially in the field of decorative surface finishing, alternatives are therefore being sought.

A nano-chemical alternative

EPG AG has developed the Nanoseal® product, a nano-chemical alternative to chromium substitutes. The material based on sol-gel technology can be used as surface protection on most metals, such as stainless steel or titanium, and offers high-quality decorative and resistant properties:

  • • High-gloss coating also possible in colour

  • • Special hardening properties, resistant to abrasion, scratches or chemical influences

  • • Very thin application adheres to bare metal without pre-treatment

  • • Tarnish protection and anti-finger print

The starting material can be developed tailor-made for the later application and due to the computer-controlled spraying process also more complex forms for the coating are possible.

The combination of noble appearance and resistance succeeds extremely well with this surface coating and is therefore in particular demand by the automotive industry. As it is a glass-like coating, this material is environmentally friendly and is even used in food technology.


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