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Surface coating

EPG AG’s innovative coatings, in contrast with organic coatings (such as, for example, standard paints), contain a high proportion of anorganic components such as glass or ceramics. This unique combination produces mixed anorganic-organic systems. This hybrid coating system makes it possible to create attractive characteristics profiles or combinations of characteristics. Our clients can achieve competitive advantages through the combination of hardness (scratch resistance, abrasion resistance) provided by glass and ceramic elements as well as the flexibility (deformability) provided by organic paints.

Corrosion protection

Our coating technology ensures improved corrosion protection for many metals and alloys. This improvement can be achieved without altering the appearance of the raw material used.

Temperature resistance

Our unique surface coating is stable for prolonged periods at temperatures of up to 550 °C. Our coating is available in both transparent form or in a wide choice of modern colors (e.g. RAL / Pantone).

Stain protection

The metal is protected by a thin transparent or opaque (lightproof) layer. This thin coating prevents staining and discoloration of the metal at high temperatures, which would otherwise occur through the oxidation of the surface.

Resistance to chemicals

Our coatings display a very high degree of stability against chemicals. They act as a barrier for the protection of the metal substrates against alkaline or acidic solutions. They are particularly suitable because of their alkali stability in dishwashing machines or carwashes.

Chrome replacement

On high gloss polished metal surfaces (aluminum, stainless steel…) our Sol-Gel coating solutions achieve a chrome-look effect. At the same time, our coatings are particularly stable against mechanical and/or chemical attack.

Scratch resistance

Our Sol-Gel matrix and hybrid systems ensure great scratch resistance and also abrasion resistance with the help of nanotechnology. In this way, the components of our customers are protected and a significantly longer usable life can be ensured. Our coating solutions are in each case composed in a customer-specific way, to reflect the individual needs of each customer.


To avoid visible fingerprints on coated products, the optical appearance of our coating systems can be modified as necessary. Any remaining fingerprints can easily be removed at any time.


We achieve “easy-to-clean” characteristics by including special additives in our matrix.
As our coating displays low surface energy, the adherence of dirt and microorganisms on the surface is avoided.


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