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The company introduces itself


Dr. Andreas Zimmermann

Chairman and Managing Director

Dr. Andreas Zimmermann has been head of EPG AG for nine years and has many years of experience in commercialization and financing in the area of nanotechnology.

“Take advantage of our competence, to make your products even more competitive! We can develop innovative coatings to meet your requirements.”


Since 2006, EPG AG has established itself in the market and extended its areas of competence in chemical nanotechnology. On the basis of Sol-Gel technology we offer our customers a high-performance coating which provides many competitive advantages.

EPG specializes in the development and technical implementation of individual problem solutions requiring intensive consultation in the fields of coating, binding materials and surface technology.

Our strengths

-    Competent and interdisciplinary consultation in the field of chemical nanotechnology and production technology
-    Robot-supported application of coating systems in large-scale production
-    Professional project management for on-time implementation of innovative developments
-    A reliable partner for R&D ranging from pilot runs thru to series production
-    Everything from a single source: Component pre-treatment, paint development, coating processes, small-scale and large series production and related quality management

Quality and environmental protection

Our coating solutions represent an environmentally friendly alternative to many other processes, as they contain a high proportion of anorganic components such as glass or ceramic elements. The individual layers are applied in a spraying process with a depth of only a few micrometers. The subsequent oven-hardening operation produces a largely homogenous glass structure from the initially liquid, silane-containing material. This contains no elements which endanger health or the environment, and can thus also be used as a coating solution in foodstuffs technology.

Our procedures and the processes of production, marketing, final control and customer service are subject to a comprehensive quality assurance system. For this reason, our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and is continuously developed further.      

Research and development

Research and development are important elements of our company’s activities. Our know-how in chemical nanotechnology is constantly extended and strengthened in continuous research work undertaken in close contact with our customers. EPG AG thus has a broad intellectual property portfolio, which it has developed in 15 years of assembling its range of technologies.

Current projects and research topics at EPG AG are, for example, the replacement of chrome and anodized aluminum, the improvement of corrosion protection whilst simultaneously retaining temperature stability and the coating of carbonized steels.


EPG was founded in the year 2003, as a spin-off from the Institute for New Materials (INM) in Saarbrücken. In the year 2006, EPG became a limited company and at the same time established a new production location in Henriville (Lorraine, France). Up to the present day, the main location is in France and only a small office at the German address.

In December 2011 a French subsidiary company was also founded at the same site: EPG-F S.a.r.l., in which the research and development activities in the area of materials for oil and gas production are gathered together.

At the end of 2013, the subsidiary company IMC Technologies SAS was founded at the same location, to undertake research and development in innovative metal coatings.


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